3D printing, VR experience, marine life show…… September 24th, the theme of innovation flying dream, science and technology to lead the future of Qinghai Province in 2016, the National Science Day activities started in the provincial science and technology museum. Unlike in previous years, this year’s "National Science Day" activities in the home court "WeChat + UAV" new model of the curtain, and interactive public site more diverse.

this year, the province’s National Science Day activities, by the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of education, the provincial science and Technology Co. According to China Association arrangement, since the beginning of September 17th, all localities and departments across the province have been carried out according to the actual 7 days of hundreds of science education and science activities, in order to further promote "the development of the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, improve the scientific literacy of citizens in our province, to promote the prosperity and development of Qinghai the cause of science.

"scientific quality determines the way of thinking and behavior of citizens, is a prerequisite for the realization of a better life, is the basis for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the overall strength of the country’s performance. Today’s ceremony not only make full use of the Internet, mobile phone APP, WeChat and other means of network popularization of scientific knowledge, but also to carry out scientific experiments, the characteristics of agricultural products and high-tech enterprises exhibit, highlighting the "Internet + science" concept, to further expand the coverage and influence of science activities." Chairman of the association of science and technology Kunming stone said.

in the provincial science and Technology Museum of marine bio plastic specimens Exhibition, some parents with children shuttling between. "I grew up like the sea. Although there is no Qinghai ocean, but there are lots of marine biological organs and specimens, and the sea, the ocean bottle DIY, ups and downs of the submarine enigma interesting hands-on production activities, but also to not only fun, scientific and practical knowledge from middle school." This year, said Song Jia, who rose to the first grade.