Reporter in June 9th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in accordance with the unified arrangements of China railway company, from June 10th onwards, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will make a further adjustment and improvement of ticket change measures: change the station out of service, without the original ticket refund and buy new tickets; however, for within 48 hours prior to the 15 day drive change, or change the station to drive more than 15 days from the other train ticket, and in 15 days before the refund from the car, still to close 5% of the refund fee.

to change the station trouble and spend more money

to change the station out of service, will allow passengers to save money and save. If the passenger in the original ticket to drive more than 48 hours, you can choose more than the ticket train, and change the station does not charge fees. If the passenger to buy a new ticket price higher than the original ticket, just to make up the ticket price difference, do not need to pay the original ticket refund fee; if the new ticket price is lower than the original ticket, just pay the difference between the refund fee. As a result, passengers can buy tickets 60 days in advance, and can be adjusted according to their own needs before departure, flexible travel plan.


this change is still the cancellation fee