this is a feast of jade jewelry industry, but also to promote the Kunlun jade culture feast feast. Sponsored by the Xining Municipal Bureau of service industry to promote the development of the 2013 China · Qinghai international Kunlun jade (jewelry) Fair opened yesterday. Exposition of "harmony" harmony between man and nature as a concept, strengthen the Kunlun jade cultural industry of Xining city and strengthen domestic jade industry exchanges, expand domestic and foreign markets, to provide a mutually beneficial platform. The jade jewelry, a superb collection of beautiful things in jade actively raw materials exhibition, exhibitors at home and abroad of jade, highlighting the Xining will build a set of Kunlun jade culture communication and trade exhibition as one of the stone and finished products distribution center "lofty ideals and high aspirations".

cool Xining has a long history and culture and splendid ancient civilization, Kunlun jade contains the Kunlun culture, thick and profound, is the foundation of Chinese traditional culture. After 2008 as the Beijing Olympic medals with jade, Kunlun jade represents "China spirit, Chinese image" to show in the world, let the world know the beautiful and mysterious Kunlun jade, but also provides an opportunity to show their talent for the people of Qinghai.

it is understood that the current Xining city has initially formed a Kunlun jade production and sales as one of the market system, to Yuxi group, as the representative of Kunlun Yusheng Kun Yu scale enterprises in the biological park fast, Nanchuan Industrial Park of Kunlun Industrial Park and Kunlun jade jade culture museum in the biological park actively build, South Gate Street is fair these will be the main market is mature, the main base and product marketing to build Xining into a distribution center in Kunlun jade raw material, carving processing, Kunlun jade industry has become the foundation to promote Xining economic development a new growth point. The jade Fair held in Kunlun, in order to build the Kunlun jade international brand, promote the Kunlun cultural industry provides a rare opportunity, but also for the development of the characteristics of the industry to inject new vitality Xining.

The opening ceremony of

, Yuxi group, and other enterprises tamanyu Kun told reporters, build Kunlun jade cultural industry, a reasonable and orderly exploitation must first standardized source of resources, and resolutely ban on Luancai open, put an end to the Kunlun jade resources, at the same time, relying on the existing foundation to establish talent training base, Kunlun Kunlun jade jade testing center Kunlun R & D center, jade, and foreign talent preferential policies, the formation of Kunlun jade industry chain development. In addition, accelerate the development of Kunlun jade comprehensive park is to build Kunlun jade industry long-term "". At present, Xining has formed a "two garden around a street" Kunlun jade development pattern, namely in the biological park, Nanchuan Industrial Park, built in Kunlun as the main body of the Jade Culture Industrial Park, South Gate Street, Changjiang Road, 71 Road North and South Street – Kunlun jade ring sales. (author: Xiao Yu)