to speed up the airport expressway (Xining section) environmental remediation project of East area Linjiaya area residents within the village (neighborhood) residents resettlement work, ensure the smooth implementation of East District of key construction projects in September 3rd, LINJIAYA Street Office organs, an Indian community of 40 staff members to carry out a wide range of Beishan rock, 3 the 4 phase of the demolition of early mass propaganda and mobilization work in Linjiaya demolition area.

"I saw on the outside of the banner, the office staff personally come to us on the demolition issues, we feel warm, after explanation let people understand the serious consequences of hazards and disasters of Beishan rock mass may cause, we will also support the government’s demolition work." Operating pasta shop for many years Han uncle told reporters with leaflets. 80 hanging banners, printed 1000 copies of "LINJIAYA Street Party Working Committee, the office of the surrounding masses caused by geological disasters in Beishan rock Linjiaya area of a letter" propaganda, the people face to face on the government in the governance of insurance to protect the people’s livelihood, promote the development of other aspects of harmonious relocation determination and spirit, with a variety of LINJIAYA Street office the way, to promote "sunshine demolition, demolition, according to law, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of the demolition of the masses" policy to the masses, so that the active participation of the masses to join the government demolition construction. (author: Zhang Mei)