Recently, the Xining municipal Party committee issued the "Xining construction of punishment and prevention system from 2013 to 2017 the division of responsibility decomposition and main task of opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions", put forward by the division of labor) 5 years of solid work, and resolutely curb corruption prone momentum, progress and effectiveness of people satisfied with the.

"division of opinions" put forward, at all levels of Party (workers), the Party committee should earnestly implement the main responsibility of honest government, honest government and anti-corruption work in the schedule, check with the economic and social development with the deployment, with the implementation of the same. At all levels of party, Party (workers) committee is mainly responsible for the comrades to perform a clean government and anti-corruption work first responsibility duties, do the important work personally deployment, major issues personally intervene personally key aspects of coordination and supervision of important cases personally, good team and a good team, a good example of honesty in politics. To fulfill the discipline inspection at all levels to assist the party committees to strengthen the clean government and anti-corruption work organization and coordination responsibilities fully, strengthen the supervision of Party committees especially the Standing Committee members of the party to better play the supervisory role of the specialized agencies; to promote the discipline inspection work under the dual leadership of the party system, strengthen leadership subordinate superiors Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, to establish and perfect the subordinate discipline report to the Commission for discipline inspection work, regular debriefing, interviews reporting system; investigating corruption cases over the leadership of the main level discipline clues disposal of cases investigated and must report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection in the party committees report to the Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Committee at all levels at the same time; and the nomination and inspection discipline in conjunction with the Organization Department; discipline inspection agencies to to transfer functions, transfer mode, turn style, focus on the main industry, and strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability.