5 16, a period of 5 days of the twelfth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair successfully concluded. As a fair, my delegation, good performance, won the outstanding organization award and outstanding awards Showcase; exhibitors are also selling pours, sales amounted to about 3000000 yuan, 5 million 720 thousand yuan order; the exhibition won 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.

this fair is "13th Five-Year" the first year of a fair, 32 cultural enterprises in our province, 8 species, more than 6 thousand varieties in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, Yi Qiang cultural industry exhibition, "The Belt and Road" Museum exhibition. In the main hall, a new image of "melting the beauty culture of Qinghai" brighten the various characteristics of cultural products a superb collection of beautiful things more addictive; the venue, "the first Sanjiang source of holy Yushu" to attract audience countless wonderful show, sales of nearly 130 thousand yuan, more than 1 million yuan signed an agreement of intent.

had heard that the United States and Qinghai, the largest association is the national customs and natural scenery, the feeling can only be felt in the local. But at the fair, we saw a lot of real cultural and creative products, are Qinghai cultural symbols, the tangible to go with the feeling of those who haven’t been to Qinghai to see more!" Shenzhen citizens Zhao’s words on behalf of many visitors to the Qinghai pavilion. Fair this year, the province’s exhibitors pay more attention to display the content, highlighting the cultural + content; the theme is bright, highlighting the national strategy; transaction activity, the transaction is more effective. By participating in the fair, the province’s cultural industry market, specialization and internationalization level to further enhance the social benefits.