9 23, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch, the provincial civilization office, Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial finance office, Provincial Federation of industry and enterprise credit association and other units jointly organized the "2016 national integrity Xing awareness month in Qinghai area square in the center of Xining City square.

since 2005, the State Council ministries jointly issued a ten year organized "integrity Xing awareness month" activities, to further improve the citizen’s sense of integrity and the integrity of the law to standardize enterprise behavior, accelerate the pace of construction of Qinghai integrity. In recent years, our province conscientiously implement the national policy on the social credit system construction plan, around the "credit Qinghai" construction, planning, system construction, credit collection, credit application combined with incentives and other aspects to carry out a series of specific work. At the end of last year, Qinghai Province set up a public credit information sharing and exchange platform, has achieved a number of departments and docking business system, collecting credit data of more than 47, in order to eliminate the "information island", the government has laid the foundation for cooperative supervision; the opening of the "credit Qinghai" website, to provide a convenient one-stop "service to the public; issued the" Interim Measures "credit behavior of Qinghai province society joint legal punishments, provides a strong legal protection for the implementation of the credit union rewards. This year, our province to actively implement the State Council issued the "on the establishment of perfect and trustworthy incentives and promises disciplinary system with combined guidance" to accelerate the construction of social honesty, has made positive progress in joint incentive and trustworthy.

this activity to the "integrity of Lide, is dishonesty punishment" as the theme, focus on the propaganda of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of social credit system policy, the State Council "social credit system construction plan (2014-2020)" and "Qinghai province social credit system construction plan (2014-2020)"; the relevant laws and regulations of market supervision the market economic order; the achievements and experiences of the progress made, the year 2015-2016 units to carry out the construction work of the integrity of the basic knowledge; credit and credit risk management knowledge; enterprise integrity management by expanding sales, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage experience; 2015-2016 years of major illegal business fraud, a typical case of socialism; the core values associated with the construction of social credit system etc.. To start the ceremony, also carried out for the award of "third Qinghai credit construction demonstration unit" of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Qinghai province and other 24 enterprises and the Yellow River upstream hydropower development limited liability company chairman Xie Xiaoping and other 13 members of the "third Qinghai integrity outstanding entrepreneur.