The province’s college entrance examination results announced, candidates fill out the voluntary and unified after being submitted, the work will be carried out immediately. According to the province’s college entrance examination this year, the process of work arrangements, college entrance examination will be held on July 10th -8 month 30 batches, enrollment by the provincial Commission for the implementation of the organization, the implementation of online remote admission.   

I college admission "school admissions, responsible for the implementation and supervision" of the admission rules. Colleges and universities in accordance with the "admission regulations" for admission. On the ideological and political moral assessment, qualified health professional training in accordance with the relevant requirements, Toudang attaining the same batch admission control scores. And in accordance with the requirements of candidates, determine whether the admission by the University and professional, college is responsible for the interpretation of Toudang but was not admitted candidates. The implementation of the provincial admissions main supervision policy, the enrollment of university enrollment plan and the University announced the "Regulations", to correct the violation of the provisions of the act of enrollment policy.   

the admission, based on the moral assessment of qualified candidates, in batches, according to volunteer, from high to low according to the proportion of Toudang, admission departments and colleges and universities to fully respect the volunteer candidates, the examinee must on their voluntary reporting for. To complete the program after I give up for Toudang volunteer and other institutions to change the record, cancel its qualification or change recorded in the same batch of college admissions swap. After the formal admission of candidates do not change record.   In strict accordance with the

1 ahead of undergraduate admission: Army (national defense, public security (pilot), police and judicial institutions), normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education Key Normal University Professional (including national class, matriculation), navigation, sports, arts, Hong Kong and Macao College, Beijing Foreign Studies University, a small language, foreign language colleges of the China Foreign Affairs University. China Youth University for Political Science, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute and the early admission alone approved by our province colleges.   

2 undergraduate early orientation program admission: advance undergraduate admission alone directed plans, for the poor areas of special admissions, University of Tibet undergraduate program for the six State Party committees of the General Office (room) the employment oriented enrollment plan.   

3 the first batch of undergraduate engineering colleges: "211", "985" by the Ministry of education and colleges in our province, approved the first batch of admission to colleges (Professional) and ethnic classes, ethnic minority.   

5 province matriculation:;