2012 is the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan an important year for the connecting link, but also the full completion of the task of punishing and preventing system 2008-2012 years of critical year. To further promote clean government and anti-corruption work is of great significance for the full completion of the task of determining the fourteenth Party Congress, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in the province, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection plenary meeting spirit as a guide, with a strengthened, two strengthening, three to ensure that the "overall progress of discipline inspection and supervision work.

"a strengthening" namely: strengthen internal management. Through the daily learning of fine, fine personnel management, daily management system work fine, fine, investigators do believe work fine, revise and improve the job responsibilities 29, refine the 45 study work system, the 21 Party branch to organize life system. To inform the innovation brand, only to inform and image are integrated, the staff names, duties, responsibilities, the image of the office phone number, mobile phone number, to inform the content label in this card, to solve the cadres and the masses do not know who to come to work, do not know do not know the staff office. Go, waiting for the problem, for the first time for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of all cadres of the public service is the mobile phone number, at a glance. The log records everyone has a copy of each staff, daily work, in order to achieve fine service extends to the normalization of management.

"two strengthening" is: first, strengthen the overall quality of Party members and cadres. Discipline inspection and supervision of cadres bear the trust of the party and the people, we must establish lifelong learning and lifelong education concept, will learn as self-cultivation of the career, be willing to learn, eager to learn, good at learning. Through a week of regular work, learning, "a monthly forum" out of training activities, improve the theoretical knowledge, improve the ideological level, enhance their awareness of performing functions and maintain party discipline, build a learning organization and discipline inspection and supervision of cadres. Two is to strengthen the work objectives and tasks. County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the various departments to refine the objectives of the responsibility, and the signing of the responsibility of the various departments of the book, by the end of the implementation of rewards and punishments. Adhere to the monthly work report system, held monthly work report meeting, the completion of the various departments and the situation is not completed to urge arrangements. At present, to carry out supervision and inspection of law enforcement 15 times, accepted the petition report 46 (Times), gone through 39 (Times), completion rate of 85%; prokaryotic clues 10 (Times), gone through 8 (Times); case 2 (Times), filing 1 3 people, party and government discipline 3 people, 2 people double punishment. Found the amount involved 15 million 266 thousand yuan, the amount of violation of the amount of $813 thousand, to restore economic losses of 329 thousand yuan.

"Three Guarantees" are: first, to ensure the implementation of major deployment. Work around the county government center, the spirit of the fourteenth Party Congress to implement the county outstanding problems, land acquisition, land management, food and drug safety, environmental protection, production safety, highway "sanluan" and the field of construction management supervision and inspection work, to effectively curb the occurrence of major accidents, to ensure the society the stable development of the county economy. Two is to ensure clean government;