from August 21st onwards, by the provincial cultural center and the West District of Xining City District Committee, district government and other units jointly organized by the elegant art five into the West district. 50 mass cultural performances will walk into the barracks, campus, community, and rural sites, different ages, different nationalities, different cultural level of the masses to provide elegant cultural services, promoting grassroots cultural prosperity and development, strengthen the construction of public cultural service system in the West area. This is the reporter learned from the provincial cultural center in August 19th.

is reported that these 50 special performances including folk music, chorus, shadow play, quyi, etc., to the end of September 30th. Activity "into the grass, serving the masses, the classical tradition, edify sentiment" as the theme, through the provincial, district linkage mechanism, to explore a new way for the construction of public cultural service system, and strive to achieve the maximum value of cultural huimin. The show invited the Qinghai the Yellow River National Orchestra, Qinghai Philharmonic Chorus, Qinghai Hehuang love troupe, art troupe, bright red for a long time the group, Xining City Performing Arts Troupe, its art troupe, Great Music Choir, to act as the carrier, strengthening the education of traditional culture, popularize the knowledge of folk music, let the public perception of the excellent folk the cultural heritage of classical art and artistic charm, to create a harmonious campus, the barracks, community, and rural cultural site. (author: Li Xin)