"Rui Ning village", "beautiful Jiangnan", "riverside king", "Metro international"…… From the name of these elegant Qingli, the Xining property market has changed obviously, living quality improved significantly.With the accelerated construction of city landscape

plateau, from black to their beautiful environment of the garden style residential area, the Xining property market changes twenty years turn the world upside down. From the families of the so and so to the full flavor of the name of the property market, the Xining property market is not only included in the quality of overweight, but also inject fresh elements into the living environment. Residential environment based on the needs of the residents gradually beautify, tend to improve. As is located at the foot of the Western Hills of Shangri-La city garden, the European garden style residential buildings, unique appearance, small step king, rockery, fountain, green, fruit trees, pool well-proportioned, lingqibiren people, such as in Wonderland, to the general public to bring different domain flavor; Ning Zhang Lu of the Sun King multilayer in the residential area, convenient facilities under the foot work, small supermarket, elderly activity room, automatic teller machines, ATM gym, health everything. Twenty years ago the living environment dirty and low comfort and convenience of poor building efforts almost have been replaced by the row upon row of residential districts, as well as the humanistic design concept of supporting infrastructure, unique cultural and artistic atmosphere.

"today’s life, compared with the past is no way", the well-being of the City District of the North District 64 year old resident Lee said his residential changes, his face filled with a happy smile. They used the whole family living in forty or fifty square meters Tongzilou, dark corridor, the damp, cold winter and hot summer hot and intolerable. After living in the New District of fashion, out of the house is the "Park", improve the quality of life, the mood is better day by day. At the same time, the security of the district also has a certain degree of improvement, people live on the floor, to achieve a real peace and contentment.