reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that since the beginning of the August to the end of September, the province’s police departments deployed in the province to prevent serious road traffic accidents special rectification actions. Put forward a number of outages resolutely hidden safety problems in a number of operating vehicles, improve road safety protection measures, basic problem solving a number of traffic safety, release one or more safety warning, to ensure that the province’s road traffic safety situation for the better development.

During the

remediation, the province’s public security traffic police department will focus on two off a crisis, tourist vehicles, rural roads, the top three risk points, and resolutely implement the traffic safety source control measures to exclude the source vulnerability. With the national and provincial highway and the long downhill accident prone road as the focus, to carry out highway traffic regulation order, drunk driving, drunk driving and rectification unified action passenger car, travel car, truck, bus, van in rural areas and other five categories of major car traffic violations remediation. Strengthen the focus on the road to clean up the risks, national and provincial highway as the focus, a comprehensive investigation of landslides destroyed Yishui road safety risk, strengthen the construction of road hazard investigation and remediation, strengthen early warning. The results of the first half of the road traffic risk investigation and the times of the local people’s government, a serious threat to the safety of traffic safety, safety supervision departments should be included in the supervision of the handling of hidden sections. To strengthen the tourism passenger safety supervision, severely punished according to law without legal signs, chartered chartered bus super scope, thorough investigation of illegal tour bus overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving, illegal overtaking traffic, to prevent unauthorized tourist bus into the forbidden area. Strengthen the analysis of the security situation judged, the establishment of vehicles, drivers, transport enterprise classification management mechanism, the implementation of dynamic risk management. Strengthen the work of responsibility in place, strengthen supervision and inspection, good interview with the system, with the depth of the accident investigation to ensure that the measures implemented, to achieve tangible results.