October 16th, the newspaper of "large" theme rhyme ieguchi let dust gray dust pollution problem rhyme ieguchi unity bridge sections of the report, due east district attaches great importance to the area immediately take action, take measures to carry out rectification of dust.

on the same day, the district environmental protection, urban management, construction, traffic police and other relevant units of the central joint regulation of the rhyme ieguchi road dust pollution. The scene seized 2 serious dust site, seized 7 excavators, construction requirements of Party rectification; ordered the relevant sections of the site dust not regular watering; law enforcement, seized two vehicles polluting vehicles pull soil. On this basis, the establishment of air pollution check in the rhyme ieguchi area, sent 24 hours on duty, to ensure that the ambient air is not polluted again, and the establishment of long-term monitoring mechanism. (author: Dezhou)