– Wang Xiao presided over the meeting and speech – to achieve "leading Party building development, promoting the development of the party" – to do development in Xining and the trailbreaker


December 22nd, the Provincial Committee and party secretary of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Development Zone Party committee meeting, municipal committee, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee deputy secretary, deputy director of the CMC Yao Lin to attend the meeting.


meeting again conveyed the important speech of Luo Huining, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the study of the Chinese Communist Party’s code of self-discipline and discipline, and the disciplinary action of the Communist Party of china. Wang Xiao pointed out that the important speech of Huining secretary, reflects the strong sense of historical mission and political responsibility, embodies the provincial sober judgment of the situation honest and accurate grasp, shows that the provincial Party Committee on anti-corruption issues of strong will and determination, provides an important follow and action guide for us to do a good job. Wang Xiao requirements, one should realistically in the training, learning style and learning effect organically, so into the brain and heart. Two in the rectification and improvement on realistically, in accordance with the "to the wire, stick to the bottom line" standard, to ensure the rectification is not as a mere formality, excellent quality. Three to realistically in the mechanism construction, and constantly consolidate and expand the results of the work. Party members and cadres as the key minority, to lead the demonstration, the above rate.

meeting listened to the report of the party building in the development zone. Wang Xiao pointed out that the development of the party building work ideas, there is discipline, there are ways to achieve remarkable results. The next step, we must solve the problem of ideological understanding, two to solve the problem of ways and means, to solve the problem of long-term mechanism, to effectively lead the development of the party building, promote the development of Party building in the three".

meeting listened to the development zone to implement clean government two responsibility report. Wang Xiao requirements, one must unify their thinking, not the political responsibility as a business responsibility, their responsibilities as additional responsibilities, take full responsibility for the individual responsibility, the responsibility for direct indirect responsibility. Two to highlight the establishment of the system, the establishment of a regular interview mechanism, a variety of oversight mechanisms and rigid restraint mechanism. Three to improve the chain of responsibility, the main responsibility should be hard, oversight responsibility to implement, to strictly accountable accountability.

meeting also listened to the work of the development zone this year and the next focus of the work of the report. Wang Xiao fully affirmed the achievements and contributions of the Development Zone, Development Zone requirements should continue to carry forward the fine tradition and style of the formation of long-term accumulation, efforts across the development of Xining and trailbreaker pacesetter, continue to release the institutional innovation of competitive advantage and vitality, and make greater contributions to the development of the city.