12 12, the provincial government held the first meeting of the recognition of teaching achievements. According to the "measures for the implementation of" Qinghai provincial teaching achievement award, the provincial government decided, awarded the first prize for teaching achievements in Qinghai province Qinghai area national middle school biology curriculum localization teaching theory and Practice Research on "8 results," two Qinghai teaching achievement award four teaching mode of primary school Chinese practice of "14" results. Third-prize teaching achievements in Qinghai province children’s Park Corner construction and practice of "26 achievements.

to implement the State Council "Teaching Achievement Award", and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching and the level of education in our province, based on the teaching practice, to promote the reform of education and teaching, play the teaching achievement award in our province, teaching reform, research guidance and incentive effect, in August 2014, the office of the provincial government issued the "implementation measures" teaching the results of Qinghai Province Award, decided to carry out the provincial teaching achievement award in the province.

provincial teaching achievement award by the provincial people’s government set up for the province at all levels of schools, academic organizations and other social organizations, teachers and individuals, every 4 years review. Provincial Teaching Achievement Award of various awards of not more than 50, of which the first prize of the 8, the other two prizes, such as the award of the three prize of 26. Reward standard 50 thousand yuan, the first prize of $30 thousand, the three prize, such as $10 thousand two. Incentive funds paid by the provincial government award fund.

the results of this award reflects the basic education, vocational education, higher education in the field of teaching reform and practical exploration of the status quo and the main achievements. The award-winning achievements aiming at the outstanding problem and practice in the reform of education and teaching, and puts forward some effective solutions, including curriculum, teaching, evaluation, resources construction and other aspects, especially to promote the curriculum reform, improving teaching methods, professional construction, informatization teaching, innovative and applied value to enhance students’ Employment and entrepreneurial ability, part of the results to achieve a major breakthrough in the reform of education and teaching, has achieved obvious benefit of the training of talents.