May 12th, deputy director of the State Bureau of cultural relics Song Xinchao as the head of the State Council eighth assessment team to Qinghai, the province’s fire prevention and inspection work in the year 2015. Han Jianhua, deputy governor of the provincial government on behalf of the 2015 annual report on the work of the province’s fire.

on the meeting, Song Xinchao introduced the examination arrangements and requirements, and highlight the role of task fire work well under the current situation, the significance of the examination of the relevant industry sectors hope to fully understand the assessment, to further strengthen the industry departments take the lead and guide the whole society to carry out fire safety responsibility, vigorously promote the province’s fire control work from the construction of multi-level and multi angle continued to maintain a rapid development momentum is good.

Han Jianhua pointed out that the Qinghai provincial government has always been the core of the fire protection work as the core of economic construction, increasing investment and policy tilt efforts to promote the effective implementation of fire safety responsibility system. In recent years, the province has not occurred more than a large number of fire accidents, especially in 2015, the number of fires decreased year by year, maintaining a sustained and stable fire situation in the province. Next, the provincial government will continue in accordance with the requirements of the State Council on the work of fire, unremittingly to catch the responsibility to implement, grasping, grasping the hazard remediation work innovation, promote the continued development of the cause of the fire, the Qinghai social stability and improving people’s livelihood and economic development and make greater contribution.

were randomly selected, the assessment team will go to the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to carry out on-site inspection and evaluation on social units, key sites, military construction and other work.