8 5, the Provincial Cultural Press and Publication office officially launched the province’s grassroots comprehensive cultural service center construction pilot work, and strive to build a comprehensive demonstration center for cultural services. This is the reporter in the province’s cultural Secretary of the forum and the construction of a comprehensive cultural service center was informed.

in July this year, the general office of the provincial government issued the opinions on promoting the construction of Qinghai provincial comprehensive cultural service center. In order to promote the implementation of the "opinions", this year the provincial press and publication department in 139 villages of Xining City Haidong, six states, 12 Tibetan villages, a total of 151 villages to carry out the pilot construction of grassroots comprehensive cultural service center, 2017 to the fully open play a leading role in the demonstration. To equal the construction of public cultural service standardization, as the main content, investment of 27 million yuan, the implementation of the propaganda and cultural Demonstration County Construction in 9 counties of mutual Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Tu Autonomous County, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Guide County, Gangcha County, Wulan County, Tongren County, banma County, Chengduo county. For the county cultural center, library facilities and equipment, to enhance the level of public cultural services; in the 9 counties, each county towns two better basic conditions as a function of resource demonstration towns, focusing on the integration of culture and propaganda work, equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities, comprehensive cultural stations of township to build a set of cultural and propaganda radio and television, science and technology popularization, skill training as a whole, to improve the service ability; 12 shows in Guide, Gangcha, Ulan, Tongren, banma and 6 demonstration counties in Chengduo Fan Xiang Town, each township 1 better basic conditions as village model village construction in education, cultural activities, reading books, sports, science and technology popularization as one of the village comprehensive cultural service center. A total investment of 54 million 210 thousand yuan, 139 villages selected in our province 9 concentrated poverty-stricken areas of the county and state key counties for poverty alleviation and development, the implementation of demonstration projects in poor areas of comprehensive cultural service center, the construction of cultural activity room, a small stage, rural style Plaza, equipped with radio and TV sports equipment, to achieve a "ten standard". The implementation of Tibetan cultural and cultural facilities in towns and villages of the project, for the 236 villages and towns in the Tibetan integrated cultural stations are equipped with 1 sets of sound, the office of the computer and a set of 1 sets of digital film flow screening equipment.