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to Xining, Golmud as the hub of the modern three-dimensional traffic network initially formed, the overall speed of the southern green transport channel. The new Hainan, Haibei Haixi, 3 and Golmud city expressway, formed with Xining as the center, connecting the 5 states, the radiation surrounding the county and eastern Qaidam circular economy pilot area of Expressway network.

[people story]

go to Xining to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival!"

January 24th, Huangyuan Dahua County town of villagers Zhao Zuzhen driving a private car, with his family, just from the provincial capital to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival back. Zhao Zuzhen and family while unloading special purchases for the Spring Festival side said: "the road, well, go out easily, go to Xining is not far away. We now also do special purchases for the Spring Festival bought from Xining."

road is not important to the villagers, from the words can be heard. The villagers Su Zhanhai Dan Ma Xiang Yang Po Er Cun, Huangzhong county more than and 60 year old said: "the village is far away from the county, for good road also hope for several years. A few years ago, starting from Dan Ma Township, the road is not like the look of the road, after the opening of the rural bus, the bus is not open inside. We ride from the countryside, a secondary 10 yuan. Now this road repaired, the bus was only 2 yuan a ride. The road is not good, to marry a wife who Nai child’s."

talking about his wife, Wang Guijun, the village will be married after the spring festival. Wang Guijun in the village belongs to the older youth, can not marry a daughter-in-law, the main reason is the difficulty in the home. Since after the road, he borrowed some money from relatives and friends began to run transport, and now not only the original money borrowed, but also built a new house, there will be a matchmaker to introduce the object. "Now the girls are rushing into our village!" Su Zhanhai said proudly.

will celebrate the new year, people are busy making special purchases for the Spring Festival, this road leading to the village of the car to car to. A man driving a private car to the county, to the provincial capital to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, a man riding a motorcycle to take a bus into the city, and people travel together.

[digital traffic]

over the past 5 years, the new highway mileage of 13 thousand km, of which the highway is 1225 km, is the last five years of the 5.7 times. Cumulative total investment in fixed assets of 58 billion 400 million yuan, is the former one of the five years of 2.3 times. Has built a series of high speed and first class highway to the west, Xining and other places. By the end of 2012, the province’s total mileage of 65988 kilometers, than at the end of 2007 increased to 13362 km, the highway and the highway 1187 km, 1578 km; two roads increased 1174 kilometers, 6024 kilometers.

. The representative voice: a good way, but also save money to drive

"from Gobi to the vast grassland, and then to the Huangshui River Valley, the winding road, just as a powerful dragon, witnessed a traffic across Qinghai." Chao Shihai, deputy director of the people’s Congress, said the construction of high-grade highways in our province to reduce transportation costs;