reporter from the West District Construction Bureau, in order to improve the area of "building three" school environment, this year invested 5 million yuan on the regulation of the west area, south area meteorological Lane 10, former Qinghai radio factory two jiazhuyuan 36 "three noes" family hospital building environment.

in the past, because the original unit causes bankruptcy unmanned maintenance, our city some areas become worthy of the name "building three" Institute, the district no property, no charge, no security, no area of road maintenance; water supply and drainage pipe has long been lost, repair often water overflow No one shows any interest in residents living here. Indeed, for their normal life inconvenience. In order to help these poor people to improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, in recent years in the west area of small urban construction projects with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to expand the scale, improve function, optimize the environment, improve the quality as the focal point, in accordance with "meticulous planning, meticulous construction, meticulous management requirements, the investment of 5 million yuan area 36" three "families courtyard within the roads, drainage, hospital environment comprehensive renovation, the" old three "families courtyard has been completely changed. Currently, after more than 2 months of intense construction, renovation of a total of 17 square meters of the roof of the building, road maintenance and renovation of 8567 square meters, drainage pipe network 8 meters 2770. (author: a)