mentioned "double book", many readers and small series, a start into a confused state. In fact, the double record refers to the bank’s financial products for sale throughout the recording video. Let’s look at the specific reports.

how to prevent financial products flying single, certificates of deposit change policy? China Banking Regulatory Commission requires commercial banks at the end of this year, the full liberalization of financial products double recorded". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan rural commercial bank, the bank has achieved financial products sales of the entire audio and video recording, becoming the province’s first to achieve double record bank.

Wuhan rural commercial bank, customers buy financial products, the camera automatically pops up, synchronous acquisition of the sales staff, audio and video, to ensure that the sales staff or stakeholders can not be changed, apply interception related information, strict prevention of audio and video information leakage.

in addition, implement centralized management of audio and video storage, audio and video data retention time is 6 months of product maturity payment after the dispute until disputes ultimately resolved, no period of maturity to sell products kept for 5 years.

this time, for the bank to take the double record measures, has great significance. Not only can put an end to the phenomenon of random changes in the past, the staff and the majority of customers in the service of the time to get better quality service, we can no longer look at the face!

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