This year, for the masses to reflect the "Xining city surrounding many small workshops may add non food substances in the production of bean sprouts products in question, the provincial government food and Drug Safety Commission Office and the provincial food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to the timely call Xining municipal government food and drug safety committee is mainly responsible for the relevant units, further strengthen the bean sprouts and other small food workshops supervision, severely punished the abuse of food additives and illegal to add non food substances and other illegal activities for deployment. Recently, the city of Xining in the city to carry out a focus on the production and processing of small workshops special rectification, in-depth investigation of abuse of food additives and other food safety risks, achieved a phased effect.

regulation, Xining city conducted a survey on the city’s food workshops. On the basis of investigation, led by the city and county level two food safety office, organize relevant departments to carry out joint law enforcement focus on supervision and inspection of suspected abuse of 8 beans and bean products processing workshops on-site investigation and verification of food additives and ordered rectification; 75 unlicensed undocumented small food production and processing workshop issued rectification notice of; comply with food safety production and processing conditions, by signing food safety undertaking, the jurisdiction of the commerce department engaged in food production and operation; banned sanitation dirty, disorderly and poor processing small workshops in 2 points; a sample of 9 sprouts workshop of 11 batches of bean products, test results qualified. Through remediation, the city’s production and processing of small workshops based on beans and soy products have been further standardized, the masses reflect the illegal addition of non edible substances and abuse of food additives have been effectively managed.