Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce in June next year in Xining city before the establishment of 140 community recycling outlets, two sorting centers, 1 renewable resource distribution market and 1 renewable resources personnel training center.

at present, Xining city is the site of waste material recycling enterprises, about two hundred, scrap car recycling and dismantling enterprises employing more than 5000 people two. Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, responsible person, Xining daily garbage generated about one thousand and five hundred tons, the annual acquisition of a variety of renewable resources of about three hundred thousand tons. In principle, each of the 2000 households in Xining city should set up a standard fixed point recovery, in Huangzhong County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huangyuan County three per 3000 residents set up a recycling point of renewable resources recovery for residents sell (including the life of scrap metal, waste paper, waste plastics and waste glass and waste rubber, waste household appliances etc.). Then, these renewable resources will be transported to the four districts of the sorting center of the three counties were sorting, sorting, transit, etc., so that enterprises use or enter the distribution market. Finally, renewable resources will be distributed in the renewable resources market, centralized sorting, simple processing, resource diversion.

at the same time, Xining will also be expanded to two is mainly responsible for motor vehicle purchases and dismantling scrapped automobiles dismantling Center and 1 renewable resources personnel training center, the Xining renewable resources practitioners certified professionals, improve the overall quality and level. By the end of 2013, Xining plans to make more than 90% of the recovery of personnel into the standardized management of more than 90% communities to establish standardized recycling sites, trading and centralized processing into standardized market of renewable resources of more than 90%, the main varieties of renewable resources recovery rate reached 80%, and gradually formed with renewable resource recycling system construction and development of city planning and layout reasonable and perfect network and facilities for service, complete functions, scientific management, implementation of renewable resources recovery industry.