October 18th, Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry in Sanjiang province combined with the source of ecological protection and construction office, Museum of natural history of the Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai University and other units held in Sanjiang source of aquatic biological protection technology seminar and Qinghai plateau aquatic ecological environment and Key Laboratory of annual report will.

it is understood that the source area of Sanjiang is China’s largest natural reserve, is one of the world’s highest altitude natural wetlands, biodiversity, one of the most concentrated areas. Most of the species in the plateau of rare and endangered species endemic to China, has reached the edge of many kinds of distribution and limit distribution, is to maintain an important part of biodiversity, especially the plateau fish is an important biological indicator of ecological environment quality of Sanjiang source, has very high economic, ecological, scientific and cultural value.

2009, the establishment of "Qinghai province plateau aquatic organisms and the ecological environment of our province Key Laboratory of scientific research institutes, employing both inside and outside the province of aquatic biology, molecular biology, genetics and breeding and fishery resources of different disciplines in the field of leading experts, Key Laboratory of the academic committee. In July this year, held the first meeting of the 2012 Annual Academic Committee in Xining, the experts on the current and future period of Sanjiang aquatic organisms and their ecological environment protection work to the provincial government made a number of recommendations for the 10.

, 3 professors from Qinghai University and Ph.D. and fishery environmental monitoring station of the experts, Sanjiang source of biological protection and conservation of fishery resources, aquatic the Yellow River plateau native fish molecular biology research contents carried out around the province in recent years were 15 special academic report. Unit of provincial science and Technology Department, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai Institute of plateau biology the Yellow River hydropower development company, Design Institute, environmental science research, fishery management station, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, Career Technical College, fishery environmental monitoring station of more than 60 people attended the meeting.

in recent years, relying on the Qinghai plateau of aquatic organisms and the ecological environment of our province key laboratory evaluation, fishery environmental monitoring and environmental impact in the source region of Sanjiang National Aquatic germplasm resources protection area construction, special rescue, rare and endangered fish native fish multiplication, Sanjiang fishery scientific research source and molecular biology research done a lot of very fruitful work.

according to the deputy director of the provincial animal husbandry department Qi Shengyuan introduced, along with the Sanjiang natural reserve area adjustment and protection work, Sanjiang source of aquatic biota increasingly by the relevant departments and the community concern and attention, the future will further the implementation of the Sanjiang Key Laboratory of aquatic biological protection research project open source project, background investigation, exploration the establishment of demonstration area, strengthen the protection of aquatic aquatic biological basic research, step up publicity efforts to protect and carry out domestic and international technical cooperation and exchanges, pay attention to personnel training, to carry out the work of aquatic resources, provide strong technical support for the protection of aquatic organisms in Sanjiang source. (author: Luo Lianjun)