recently, a city in China continued emergence of high temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, visitors have come to Xining, "cool" tourism "blowout", "contradictions hard to find a room, 3000 yuan luxury suites, thousands of yuan of high standard, noble room had ordered summer, the" natural cool room "is very popular.

luxury rooms early grab empty

reporter from the city’s major hotel was informed that, at present, the major hotel occupancy rate has reached more than 100%, more than four star luxury hotel already full. A five star hotel in charge of the city, from July to the present, the hotel is full of rooms every day, the lowest standard room price of the hotel is also $1380, but also full of 300. In addition to low standard, daily 4180 yuan luxury suites also became the guest "xiangbobo" have been booked in July. Reporters in the online type "Xining reservation", hundreds of hotel information at a glance, the hotel is scheduled to show that the state has been booked. Booking by phone, get the reply is still no room, booked full".

farmhouse into a happy zone

with the increase of tourism in our province, to experience the charm of our province more and more tourists. With the coming of the tourist team, the surrounding rural tourism is also hot up, including Guide, Qilian, Huangnan, the most favored by the tourists. Reporters saw in Huangnan, Jianzha, the major hotels hit the already booked full text. In order to improve the reception capacity of the tourist season in Huangnan in recent years at large, to create a number of star hotels, from the hotel hardware, services to improve the occupancy conditions, since late July, each hotel is almost full. The hotel does not go live, local flavor of the farmhouse room has become the visitor’s "zone of joy", more than and 300 beds around more than and 50 local farmhouse is also become pretty hand goods, if not booked in advance, no beds.

small micro hotel can decompress

currently cool air temperature in Xining is suitable for many places every day, sauna is attractive.

days ago, the Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics, the first half of this year, the province received 6 million 433 thousand and 200 tourists at home and abroad (Xining city received a total of 4 million 594 thousand and 300 people), tourism revenue 5 billion 412 million yuan, an increase of 13% and 24.8% respectively. Since the beginning of July, visitors to the green tourism has continued to grow, "blowout", in order to alleviate our province tourist season accommodation pressure, this year, the government departments at all levels to actively support the small and micro Hotel, Hotel Famulus (hotel) such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain is full of vitality. According to the latest data show that the city of Xining approved and has opened a small hotel to amount to hundreds, can provide 3091 beds, July and August occupancy rate reached 100%. Another batch of small and micro hotels are still in the process of preparation. (author: Fang Xu)