After the earthquake in Yushu, Xining, the traffic police rushed to the disaster area to divert traffic, to ensure the smooth flow of the main roads in the earthquake hit areas, and to help Yushu police gradually restore traffic normalization management. Xining traffic police in Yushu earthquake disaster by the Ministry of public security highly praised and praised.

after the Yushu earthquake, vehicle and wounded transport vehicles a large number of relief supplies into the Yushu County town, the town 35.5 kilometers from the city road usually accommodate 30 thousand traffic road traffic soared to more than 70 thousand traffic, causing traffic congestion, traffic police immediately deployed in the province within the scope of 92 traffic police rushed to the Yushu earthquake disaster area the flow of traffic. The Xining police undertakes the main road victory road, democratic road two road and road junction traffic. The road of democracy and the victory road on both sides of the concentration of a disaster relief headquarters, Yushu City stadium, the state government, Gelsall square and the yak square, the fork of a straight Batang airport, a straight road 214, in addition to a downtown area, traffic is most concentrated here.

earthquake relief work after the end of the first stage, the city traffic police detachment of the second batch of duty teams rushed to the disaster areas Yushu vehicle administration director under the leadership of Li Fucai, quickly put to work together, to assist the local road traffic disaster safeguard. Xining traffic police to help Yushu police gradually restore traffic order management, to help them install a simple signal at the intersection of the road, placed in the middle of the road cone barrels to ensure safe passage of vehicles. In Yushu to understand the traffic police in the house collapsed, loved ones were killed, Xining police for 10 families affected by the Yushu police issued a condolence. Xining traffic police in the practice of Yushu earthquake has been highly praised and fully affirmed by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau and the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police corps.