sculpture, embroidery, tapestry, ethnic handicrafts, one of the exquisite design of the arts by foreign tourists to the country. In order to stimulate the consumption of tourism products, the development of Arts and crafts in our province by leaps and bounds, since last year, arts and crafts sales reached 2 billion 991 million yuan, an increase of 22.13% over the previous year.

it is understood that the arts is an important part of the culture industry in our province, including sculpture crafts, metal crafts, flower painting crafts, drawnwork embroidery crafts, jewelry crafts, (hanging) blanket, ethnic crafts products and art ceramics 8 categories and 63 kinds.


arts and crafts protection management office responsible person, from the beginning of February this year, their development status, the arts and crafts industry dynamics, annual sales were detailed statistics, statistics, arts and crafts in our province has a total of more than 8000 varieties, enterprises, shops, a total of 3305 individual workshops, employees staff of 102 thousand people.

according to the introduction, Qinghai arts and crafts has formed the arts and crafts industry enterprises, individual workshops and common development pattern; arts and crafts products from the market scale of sales gradually shift to private custom, through large enterprises driven and guided by the market, the industrial chain advantage gradually formed; the characteristics of small micro enterprises and traditional arts and crafts enterprises outstanding varieties and art, geographical and ethnic characteristics, has been cultivating a number of independent brands.