June 21st, a reporter from the Xining city road safety work meeting was informed that in 85 of the city’s engaged in road transport enterprises to carry out the two month special safety inspection, the city’s 6 transportation companies because there is a serious safety hazard, ordered rectification.

It is reported that

, according to the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Tourism Bureau and other departments, the city Department of transportation began to form 3 inspection teams since May this year, the city 3 city bus companies, 20 enterprises, 4 passenger bus station, 18 dangerous goods transport enterprises and more than and 40 ordinary freight transport enterprise security risks, a contract, security ledger to establish a series of safety problems for inspection. Found the staff in the inspection, part of the city bus is not required with the car safety hammer, fire extinguishers expired, individual vehicles not equipped with fire fighting equipment, safety emergency response capacity is not strong. In addition, Qinghai Shenzhou International Travel Service Co. Ltd., Qinghai traffic travel agency for GPS shift system is not perfect, the monitoring personnel shortage, be ordered immediate rectification; second Qinghai Motor Transport Company Limited for the work of production safety management is not enough, pay attention to the problem of inadequate staffing, basic information security management has also been ordered to weak at present, the company has completed the rectification, rectification and basic standard; bridge bus station by bus integration in the implementation process of renovation project in pit class line car dropped, a mere formality is safety supervision inspection team issued a rectification notice, currently the rectification process; PetroChina Co Ltd Qinghai branch sales due to the existence of security principal responsibility is not clear and implement the management system in place, the Qinghai Tibet railway material purchase and supply of Duan Yincun In the business leaders do not attach importance to the management of weak foundation and other issues are also issued a deadline for rectification notice.

for transport companies exist above problems, the City Transportation Bureau requires all transport companies must clear the work of the task, the implementation of safety supervision responsibilities. In addition, the meeting also invited experts in the field of counter-terrorism and fire in the field of the enterprise to carry out the relevant knowledge to explain. (author: a)