now this time is called the "Internet plus" era, traditional and emerging industries can find the new way of development in the field of internet. Clothing business is inseparable from the network. So how to become a clothing shop agent should make money?

first secrecy, (considering the novice) the shop agent is that you do not have their own inventory, directly to the others on the shop to sell products, when you shop selling a product, you again to the merchant orders, and tell your customer address, on behalf of the shipping business, the price and the price difference of your agent is your profit. This is called a white.

One of the secrets of

The rapid development of

Secret two: don’t wait for your business, you need to actively look for businesses.

The above said to choose competitive

Secret three: Shen character transformation products, choose a unified product specifications.

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Secret four: product for more, but for professionals.

if you wear 1000 pieces of products, not only their own maintenance is very tired, but it is difficult for buyers to believe you, so many products, so little credibility is questionable. More products, the product number is more, you are also prone to error. Don’t assume that the more products, the more opportunities, they are not proportional.

Secret five: price.