more than 1 thousand Chinese enterprises to attend the meeting, the well-known enterprises reached more than and 300; to promote the project 139, the amount of investment of about 171 billion 303 million yuan; real estate and Home Furnishing Expo 73 participating companies, Shandong, Hainan and other provinces of the real estate business for the first time participants…… Highlight the grand and warm, simple and practical 2013 Xining city development and Investment Fair (hereinafter referred to as the city of fair) will be held on July 26th to 31 at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center South was held, Xining evening news exclusive media hosted the Xining real estate and Home Furnishing Fair will be held at the same time.

this fair city is following the success of last year held the first Xining city development investment negotiation meeting, held in Xining City, and a high specification, large scale, directly facing the investors city planning and construction, industrial chain and supporting industries and service industry development projects such as the event, but also the city’s millions of people "Carnival", in the exhibition held in 6 days, the general public can search, shopping, snacks, buy local handicrafts. To open as the background of the city fair, whether from the form to the content, are issued a unique charm charm.

scale. This city will contact the property and Home Furnishing Expo, xiadou local famous specialty snack delicacy Festival three will be a festival organized by the merger, on display at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center South of the A, B, C three and part of the outdoor museum. Invited participants reached more than 1 thousand and 400 people, participants in the enterprise of more than 1 thousand, of which well-known enterprises of the more than and 300. Real estate and Home Expo participants real estate companies, property companies and home improvement enterprises up to 73, nearly 100 exhibitors, providing more than 10000 sets of listings.

activities rich in content, close to the life of the masses. This city will contact the arrangement of activities is very rich, in addition to investment and trade negotiation activities, will be held in the land auction, the property of fine service forum, the most beautiful building contest, and carry out the delicacy street in the West District of Richpower commercial street, East District Jing Xi Feng ecological park, Chengzhong District Qinghua road. Through a series of popular activities, showing the achievements of urban development in Xining, changes in people’s lives, etc..

The project recommended by

reflects the level of urban development. This city will be recommended to promote the project involves urban development and construction, cultural tourism, trade circulation, agriculture, animal husbandry, specialty industries and other fields. This city will contact the prominent exhibitors subject status, the housing fair, snacks Festival and other activities are based on the participating enterprises as the main body, adhere to market-oriented operation principle, the government only played a role in guiding and services, to the simple, warm, orderly to do.

the development of the county, the advantages of prominent, distinctive features. This year’s work by the East District and train station area, the city comprehensive development area and west area, Nanchuan Project Management Committee and the Sea Lake District, North District and Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management of the CMC joint exhibition, not only embodies the development advantages and the characteristics of each region, but also reflects the competitive development and striving for success confidence and determination. At present, the preparatory work of the fair is in accordance with the overall program requirements;