"This season, the weather in Xining is so cool, even sleep at night to cover the quilt, not to Xining, I can not believe!" August 9th, the reporter saw just from Tibet by train to Xining with the same, the years engaged in the operation of the hotel, the old rivers and lakes praise for Xining.

Lin Litong is from Wenzhou, over the years, he has been in Tibet and Chengdu and other places engaged in business Fasthotel. Lin Litong told reporters, a few years ago, he met two friends in Xining in Hangzhou, a tourism conference, they have invited him to Xining for a visit, said Xining is "Chinese xiadou", not only suitable for play and business opportunities everywhere, especially in the hotel industry, investment is the time. At that time, he is really a little bit not mind, because Xining, after all, is a relatively remote and underdeveloped cities in the northwest. At the beginning of last July, with the same parents and uncle’s family to travel to Qinghai, to Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, also saw the rape flowers Menyuan Guide the Yellow River, the world’s most clear, I feel very good, by the way of several old people also lined with a lot of help on, think Xining is very suitable for wine shop business investment. Back they will be told the same everywhere, everywhere with the end of July arrived in Xining to visit, immediately decided to invest in Qinghai. At the end of last year, the same as in the urban area with a good house, in March this year at the beginning of the beginning of the decoration, this time he is to come to Xining for the opening of the hotel. Lin Litong said that not only did he come to Xining to invest in the hotel business, with him several years of business partners this time from Tibet to seek business opportunities in Xining, has now entered the substantive phase of the project.

reporter learned that, with the "beauty of Qinghai", "Chinese xiadou" brand called louder, the rapid development of the tourism industry in our province, the annual tourist season also continued to "blowout", accompanied by the birth of the hotel industry is unusually hot, the first half of this year, our province has started construction of 31 hotels. Among them, the total investment of more than ten million yuan of the project amounted to 25, more than 50 million yuan of the project, the construction project on the billion yuan, more than 300 million yuan of large projects in the 2 of the 13. In the 31 hotel construction projects, almost no government investment in hotel construction projects, funding sources are investment, loans and other. This shows that with the United States and Qinghai tourism continues to heat up, attracting more investors and private capital to enter the tourism market in Qinghai. (author: Hu Youjun)