days ago, reporters from Xining (National) Gan River Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development Zone to understand, as the first large-scale comprehensive project construction in Saline Lake company outside of Golmud, a total investment of 11 billion 600 million yuan in Qinghai Saline Lake project has been fully integrated Haina PVC built and put into operation. This project is not only in line with the advanced level of technology in the world, and has become an important part of the Qaidam circular economy industry in Xining.

it is understood that in the past year, Gan River Industrial Park, vigorously develop the circular economy, through the strict implementation of the project "three simultaneous" system, the implementation of enterprise energy-saving emission reduction responsibility. Among them, the Qinghai Saline Lake Qinghai Saline Lake integration project using PVC Haina Haina Chemical Co. Ltd., through the use of the existing park enterprises in the production process of phosphogypsum produced, iron slag, steel slag and fly ash as cement raw material, resource circulation, to reduce industrial waste emissions, reduce environmental pollution, the park to achieve energy conservation and development circular economy plays a leading role in the demonstration and positive. At the same time, the PVC integration project of Saline Lake in Qinghai Haina Chemical Co., in S-PVC, E-PVC, one-time introduction of C-PVC technology and formula, downstream of large submerged arc furnace technology, dry acetylene technology, carbide slag cement production technology not only to fill the blank of domestic related technology, and the construction of a number of domestic pioneering technology application. Length of 21.7km long belt, but also the country’s most.

reporter learned that the Qinghai Saline Lake project completed the integration of Haina PVC, will change the situation of local industrial economic backwardness and industrial layout, and lay a solid foundation for industrial development, accumulated valuable experience. The project can also promote the development of local and downstream products, and then form an integrated green industrial chain, which has a very important role in promoting the development of local economy.