10 month 8 days, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, the day before, by the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission of health supervision, public security, industry and Commerce and other seven departments of the staff composition of inspection teams to carry out centralized regulation and network traffickers YITUO special operations inspection work for 9 medical institutions of Xining area.

Qinghai People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Qinghai Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Xining First People’s Hospital, Xining Kunlun hospital and other medical institutions to the inspection team members are

, to the hospital outpatient hall, outpatient registration website, waiting area and specialist hospitals to check. Inspection found that the provincial medical institutions in the outpatient service hall prominently posted against traffickers, Yituo network warning signs, while increasing the security inspections, and monitoring equipment installed in each key area. Provincial People’s hospital to increase the training on how to identify Yituo security personnel, environmental sanitation and its staff member. Qinghai Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to take a sound recording equipment to assist the public security organs forensics and evidence. In the three hospitals have set up a police room, increasing the number of security personnel.

inspection group and the person in charge of medical institutions at all levels to carry out talks and discussions, the provincial health authority feedback cure phenomenon unannounced visits to the 17 provincial and municipal medical institutions. The special inspection to all levels of medical institutions to improve the equipment measures and hardware related systems, against traffickers and cure in the future, relevant departments will continue to intensify efforts to crack down on the cure, for the masses to create a good environment for medical treatment.