December 12th, organized by the Municipal Museum of art, non heritage project master and apprentice concert on the six floor of the museum concert hall. The performance by the Museum of 4 national intangible cultural heritage project "Qinghai Ping Xian", "Qinghai string", "Xining Xian Xiao", "Qinghai Han folk tune" the traditional repertoire and the creation of new classical repertoire, a total of 8 programs, program form diverse, novel, showing the heritage training results shoutu. It is understood that the 9 Heritage City Art Museum for the first time at the beginning of the year and the 4 national "the museum’s heritage project signed the" Xining City Art Museum of intangible cultural heritage inheritors representative inheritance protection target responsibility book ". Responsibility consists of mining, heritage exhibition, rescue training and other tasks Shoutu four, scheduled for the end of itemized assessment, which organized the "heritage on mentoring concert" is an important content of objective responsibility in. On the day of the performance, 1 national heritage and 7 provincial heritage respectively with their favorite together, a master style, for the majority of fans brought a folk opera performances open up a fresh outlook. "Qinghai Ping Xian" national heritage Liu Jun took Banhu as apprentice accompaniment, 5 disciples as we sang "sing little hero". Xining Xianxiao provincial heritage Gan Yuhua and Liu Yanbiao are in the apprentice helped down to the stage, to sing in the form of mentoring for everyone to bring a new Aria "beauty Qinghai" and the traditional classical Aria "inbreeding" great harm. The concert attracted from three counties and four districts of the nearly 200 famous art lovers watch, through this concert, everyone of the intangible cultural heritage protection and heritage have more understanding and experience, opens up a new way for development, Qinghai local art in the future.