in 2011 this year, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the municipal Party will "earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake emergency management knowledge" into the municipal Party School of the main class cadre training class, the Municipal Seismological Bureau to follow up, the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction into three county Party school cadre education and training plan, and with Huangzhong, Huangyuan County, Datong three county Party school training work signed a "cooperation agreement" education and training, attaches great importance to the leadership of the party, and in July 12th, for the first time to carry out earthquake disaster reduction knowledge "into the party" campaign in Huangyuan county. According to the Huangyuan county Party Committee Party school civil service training teaching arrangement, the Seismological Bureau was invited to give more than 150 trainees in the training class, "our thinking about the earthquake disaster reduction," the topic of the lecture. The lecture from the basic knowledge of the earthquake, the Wenchuan earthquake situation, Qinghai Province earthquake situation, a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, and systematically explain the current situation, difficulties and achievements of earthquake monitoring and prediction as well as opportunities and challenges. Finally, from the aspects of management, responsibility, conscience and love, to guide students to start from their own, improve the level of knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, strengthening emergency earthquake event emergency response capacity and mental capacity, driven by people’s awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction to improve, all for the purpose of serving the people, do the work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. After the lecture, I also issued to the students of the earthquake disaster reduction knowledge quiz volume, so that students learn to strengthen and consolidate the knowledge.