If the children to a blue sky, it is the morning sun; if the children compared to the earth, so they are just showing spring tender grass; if the children to a rain, then they are watering flowers and trees of the best fertilizer…… Children are the future of the motherland, but also our hope, and the children of Qinghai is the United States and Qinghai builders and creators.

February 26, 2013, China young pioneers in Qinghai Province Working Committee of the sixth session of the three Committee (enlarged) grand opening in Xining, once a year as children’s conference, a collection of grass-roots workers and the education of young pioneers. We sat together and talked about the work of young pioneers at the grassroots level, each of the teachers for the young pioneers of the face of joy.

Qinghai plateau good boy activity climax

2012, the spirit of the young pioneers organizations at all levels to seriously study and implementation of the party’s eighteen plenary session of twelve, according to the six provincial Party committee and the two plenary session of the six province committee will be deployed to strengthen children’s ideological and moral education as the main line, to serve the children’s healthy growth as a fundamental and basic task closely around the young pioneers team organization, firmly grasp the organizational attribute, deepen the "red scarf to the party" activities, to promote the discipline construction, the young pioneers Young Pioneers counselors’ professional construction work from the self construction, deepening activities, standardized team, discipline construction, enhance the construction of all-round boosting the province’s Young Pioneers work specification level, to promote the work of Qinghai the young pioneers made new progress.

according to the reporter, in the past year, under the leadership of Party organizations at all levels, at all levels of organizations under the leadership of the concern and support of the education departments at all levels, in the joint efforts of the majority of the young pioneers workers, China young pioneers in Qinghai Province Working Committee (hereinafter referred to as "shaogongwei") the young pioneers organizations at all levels to the opportunity of the party’s eighteen, Twelfth provincial Party Congress held a victory and to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the Jiantuan, and actively adapt to the new situation and new requirements, focusing on the fundamental task of the young pioneers organization, to lay the foundation, push the grassroots, grasping norms, pro active, launched a new initiative, made new results.

, deputy secretary of Qinghai provincial Party committee, has just been elected Qinghai province committee director Gao Bo said, in the past year, Qinghai province to carry out a wide range of red scarf to the party "and other series of unifying theme day activities, selection for the 184 Qinghai" Lei Feng good boy ", to start the implementation of the" Qinghai good boy "for plateau activities, cultivate the children’s indoctrination of the party and the socialist motherland simple feelings. It is worth mentioning that the province has completed the work of the province less than two full-time full-time counselors equipped with work at the provincial level, the state of the city were equipped with a total of 9 full-time instructors, equipped with a rate of up to 100%. Mission provincial Party committee, the Provincial Working Committee to raise funds for the 8 provincial "red scarf model school" free of charge a number of "Qinghai plateau good boy" medal and "chapter of the chapter".

reporter learned from the Provincial Work Committee last year, when the provincial Party committee;