as everyone knows, now more and more entrepreneurs, but many people are confused, do not know what they should choose entrepreneurial projects, the current car beauty market Unlimited Business Opportunities, many entrepreneurs are on the car beauty service industry is very interested, as consumers trust the automobilecosmetology brand, AI muken car beauty quality trustworthy, careful the service is to win the praise of countless people.

features: glass repair, renovation, repair paint, headlight rapid repair, modification, sag repair, wheel hub headlamps to color, color changing, car interior renovation leather plastic repair, mahogany and so on, constitute the AI muken brand characteristics of technology, practicality is very strong, is a weapon of competition. It is the difference of entrepreneurs of high profit items. Equipment: AI muken according to the actual needs of entrepreneurs, can product market of independent research and development of equipment and provide the perfect car, high washing machine imported from Germany, wiping free washing machine by the cold and hot, automatic washing machine computer and other auxiliary equipment as long as Goods are available in all varieties.; you think there you want. Characteristics of soil loose agent, cement nemesis, Liuhe, a quick polishing wax, paint coating, crystal coating, etc..

products only provide entrepreneurs, not foreign sales, to ensure that the interests of entrepreneurs, equipment and products for both quality and price have obvious advantages. promotion: more than and 200 team Emken headquarters, franchise store opened, the company will conduct propaganda, show to join in the online shop, let more owners to experience the franchise service at the first time.

support: AI muken team continue to visit the international and domestic markets, and go international road, technology and products are continuously updated, technical personnel stores can also be free to join in the company training base for technical training or education; product update information the company will inform entrepreneurs, ensure to join the shop can do with technology, leading products forever.

at the moment, the prospect of joining the automotive beauty salon is very broad, people are very confident of the service and the quality of the car, the choice of investment in automotive beauty, join the prospect of trust.