flowers can always give people a better mood, an industry is a market demand, many occasions need flowers, when the holidays, shop also has a big market demand, businesses to open a flower shop, has become more and more entrepreneurs choose. As we all know, open a flower shop, sometimes encounter off-season, this time, you need to engage in some promotional activities, so as to bring good business. So, how to start a business florist to promote.

show flower

today’s florist flower level is getting higher and higher, which is undoubtedly very attractive to customers, who do not want to buy their own flowers can be inserted into the art of it? Some of their own level of confidence on the floral shop in shop made miniature " flower exhibition; ", they often make some beautiful flowers flowers, placed in the most eye-catching place. A customer into the store, browse the different shapes of the floral works, will be on this florist flower level of trust, business is very easy to deal.


with the development of the and electronic commerce, a lot of the strength of the florists are followed the trend set up their own website on the Internet (conditional also opened a dedicated website), the office of the online florist". How to open a flower shop promotion? Indeed, through the to expand the florist business, this is consistent with the consumption trend in the future, is the present stage, it is a good means of promotion, to improve the visibility of the shop, have a positive meaning to establish a good image, and some shop through the will also do their business in different places.

training courses

there are a number of strong flower shop, keen to open flower training classes. On the surface, this does not seem to have direct contact with the florist’s promotion, but in fact, this is the most tactful, the most important means of promotion! Do you want to do, floral art training class, is not to do some advertising in the store, it is not in the invisible to the customer sends a message: " this is a strength of the florist, are already in the apprentice ". How to open a flower shop promotion? At the same time, most students will go to the nearby town to open a flower shop, and they will not take care of the teachers in the business. Moreover, the florist training classes are generally run in the stores, the shop is very popular, many customers have a herd mentality, a look at this store so busy, they will come in the flowers.


this is a lot of flowers have been used in the common tricks, they seek a lot of customers for cheap psychology, would rather sacrifice a little bit of their own interests, to encourage