China’s food and beverage industry, there are many brands of dry pot, there is a special pot of dry ingredients to do dry pot classification. For example, dry pot duck. Today is to recommend a duck dry pot brand comparison of popular consumer brand project — a product of Chongqing wok pot duck

Shijiazhuang Yu Yu Food Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Yu Yu Yu Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a national food and beverage service chain catering enterprises in the country has more than three hundred chain stores. Company to "palatability Jane" as the management goal, the Sichuan spicy style and Northern taste combination, using authentic Sichuan raw materials own production "dry pot fragrant sauce" and "dry pot old oil" and "dry pot spice bag" "dry pot Lucai raw materials such as development of a dry color the pot dishes a Chongqing wok pot duck, dry pot duck is favored by our customers with the characteristics of spicy and delicious eating hundreds of times and a unique form of dining eat two. Innovative company, following the dry pot duck into the original secret recipe on the basis of the high nutritional value of raw materials to launch a series of dry pot dishes "dry pot broth" "dry pot spicy shrimp Huan" "dry pot perfume" gold fish "perch" and "smoked halogen backbone" of the old taste of new food products home cooking, combine the tastes of the people of Hebei and Chongqing taste perfect, everywhere is spicy and not spicy but not dry, Ma, sui generis, customers can choose according to their own preferences and.

a Chongqing wok pot duck how to join, can give investors what to support? Look at the following specific introduction

a Chongqing wok fried duck head franchise support:

1. core technical formula support: to provide a range of product technical secrets, production processes and processes and production methods marketing consulting and solutions.

2. system training support: a comprehensive theoretical and practical training. Including: operation, management, marketing training, through systematic training to enable you to become a fast food management and all-round talent.

3. unique business model support: to join the business to provide a unified brand image, unified design, unified distribution, unified technical formula.

4. store design support: according to the franchisee’s store area, the production effect diagram to reflect the overall style.

5. marketing planning support: to join the business to provide a range of marketing planning programs.

6. distribution service support: to provide no direct links to the middle of the supply chain, so that the cost of the store to a minimum, to provide convenient and efficient logistics distribution.

7. support: to ensure the interests of the franchise dry pot duck, not specified in the contract area "