a lot of convenience stores near the gas station, usually looked bleak, business seems to be optimistic. So, if you want to make this kind of convenience store business improved, naturally also need to master some business skills. In short, in order to stop refueling customers to provide goods and services – based gas station convenience stores, supermarkets and the general market in the market to see a place in the competition, must learn to change".

first, gas station convenience stores to buy goods to achieve with the times". Convenience stores in addition to the operation of conventional commodity, but also in time to buy by the customer, especially the drivers of favorite selling goods, so that in the purchase of goods, with the times". Such as tourist attractions in the vicinity of the gas station convenience stores, can timely purchase the latest packaging, the famous native products.

secondly, gas station convenience store merchandise display to bring forth new ideas". Commodity display is an art, can better reflect the business philosophy, decided to sell". The same kind of goods, due to the location and manner of display, sales will be different. In addition, the display can also affect the sale of goods in the shelf life. Therefore, the convenience store to continue to introduce new products on display, can give customers a novelty, but also increase the purchasing power.

again, gas station convenience store merchandise sales to be flexible. Since it is operating, since it is necessary to make a profit, it is necessary to take flexible and diverse sales. If you can take to buy a gift in the "sales", you can take the "sales", "discount promotions", "sales" and other joint sales. In short, as long as it can expand the convenience store sales, and in laws and regulations within the scope of license, can invigorate sales, can not "one immutable and frozen, for life", or "waiting".

since the location has such a feature, in the nature of the goods above also need to reflect, so that it will make the convenience store business to get better development. In short, as a business variety and the purchase of relatively limited gas station convenience stores, in order to become a major business supplement, we must adopt a flexible approach. Whether it is a variety of goods, merchandise display, or marketing, should be in the "change" to seek opportunities in the "change" in the development of.