speaking of two-dimensional code, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar, it has been in our current life has been fully utilized. However, the introduction of the general is only some of the more mature businesses, there will be few in the early days of the introduction of two-dimensional code service. Here, Xiao Bian proposal, but need to be good at the use of two-dimensional code oh!

today’s life, a little attention, we will find that the two-dimensional code can be said everywhere, shopping, watching movies, eating, and other bus…… As long as the two-dimensional code sweep, we can get the results we want. In the two-dimensional code into our lives at the same time, some smart businessmen have begun to apply it to their products.

PET plant member plant Florist Xiao Lu from the opening day, and even can be said before opening, the store is in the decoration stage, the store has gathered a lot of popularity, since the business has been very prosperous, not for anything else, it is because of the small two-dimensional code. Do you know how she did it?

Xiao Lu shops selling all kinds of mini potted plants, water and other pets, different from the traditional flower shop, put a pile of plants and flowers can sell, in order to shop to create a fashion romantic atmosphere, Xiao Lu spent a lot of effort in the decoration, so it also spent a lot of time. Of course, this time can be wasted, so Xiao Lu thought, as in this period to shop making potential, has ushered in a good start.

think, Xiao Lu, the most effective means still distribute leaflets discount this effect, but it seems a little old-fashioned, a small Lu thought those living in common two-dimensional code. Thus, during the renovation, the store will be erected outside a sign, nothing else above, is a two-dimensional code, as long as the user to come up with a scan of the phone, there will be a similar fishing Daren game.

of course, the user in addition to catch fish, may also capture some coupons, as long as the opening with these coupons, you can enjoy the discount service in the store. The idea of a launch, immediately attracted the attention of many people, we have come up with a mobile phone, is constantly attracting around the passersby, and watching the crowd more and more, Xiao Lu did not send out a leaflet, has reached a very good publicity, is really amazing.

after the opening, Xiao Lu is the two-dimensional code used their own creative products, buy things in the store consumers will find every product above, with a small two-dimensional code, scan two-dimensional code, the same hidden mystery, which not only the purchase of the product use so, there are flowers and flower, some words of blessing.

Xiao Lu said, a lot of boys >