now, more and more college graduates tend to after graduation, the use of science to create a career, rather than just enter a business with the working class life, and the country in order to alleviate the employment pressure, but also very supportive of college graduates entrepreneurship, Yubei area is to develop a favorablepoineering policy, from the protection of their entrepreneurial success!

"for college graduates to participate in entrepreneurship training during the year, Yubei District will be based on its access to entrepreneurship training certificate or employment, entrepreneurship, training shall be given subsidies. And encourage support for college graduates through a variety of forms of flexible employment, employment conditions in line with the conditions of employment of flexible employment of college graduates, according to the provisions of social insurance subsidies." Yubei District human resources and social Bureau official said.

It is reported that

"entrepreneurship for college graduates in small loans loan period from 1 years to 2 years to relax." The person in charge, the guarantee fund delivery ratio increased from 1:5 to 1:10, the loan amount does not exceed 80 thousand yuan, of partnership and organized employment and employment personnel reaches a certain amount, can apply for no more than 2 million yuan in small loans.

the preferential policies will undoubtedly make more college graduates to go on the road to entrepreneurship, on the same day, in order to protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs will certainly have more and more areas, set preferential policies. If you happen to be a college entrepreneur, these policies will help you?