now, there are still a lot of rural people choose to go out to work, because in the home to do farm work is certainly not earn much money. Li Chengmin is one of those who has been working for many years. But in 2009, he chose to give up the hard work for a long time to get a good job, choose to return home entrepreneurship.

the following day, the town who held cattle breeding training, he will participate actively, and school technology like hunger and thirst to from books, often thinking about. Hard work pays off, soon, he mastered the key technology selection, feed collocation, calf disease prevention, cattle farm benefits as sesame – steadily high, cattle scale snowballing.

"cattle benefit after I put the plate for a motor tricycle cart. Later, it was replaced by a pickup truck."   Li Chengmin said that he had abandoned the migrant peasant land, planted 80 acres of grass. Delivery of feed, cattle manure out of the truck. "It saved me a lot of labor and cost, and my income increased. 2012 I slaughter cattle 200 bulls, income of $about 2000000."


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