in the process of economic development, we can often see the development strategy. This time, in order to adapt to the continuous development of the market economy, the mother and baby industry in Fujian province has taken the development of Baotuan approach, we look at the following.

recently, the inaugural meeting of the first Fujian maternal and child care industry association held in Fuzhou, and adopted the "Fujian Province Maternal and child care industry association", 35 from the province’s maternal related companies hold together for development.

emphasizes maternal and child industry socialization, specialization, industrialization, standardization is the focus of the work of the maternal and child industry association next." Fujian maternal and child care industry association, the first president Wang Zhaohua introduction, industry associations will play the role of the supply system, simply for unified support system, personnel system, financial system, Internet brand system four system.

each system needs to be set up with the professional team to do the depth of the bundle, to the maternal and child care industry association as a platform for interaction with individual enterprises, and effectively help enterprises solve the problems in the development process.

in the process of economic development, although it can produce greater economic benefits, but also inevitably face a series of problems. Enterprises in the process of development in the face of difficulties, in addition to their own initiative, to solve the problem, can not be separated from the reasonable guidance of the relevant departments, to promote its rapid and sound development in the right track.

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