for entrepreneurs, the ability to attract venture capital investment is a matter of life and death. To extend the life of entrepreneurial projects, the ability to play entrepreneurs, Chengdu will establish a special fund of more than 20 billion yuan.

it is reported that bank of Chengdu city and venture capital fund Chinese import and Export Bank jointly invested 1 billion 500 million yuan to set up a focus on venture capital, the guide fund with the well-known domestic and foreign investment management institutions jointly set up the 18 cooperation fund, the total size of the sub fund of nearly 6 billion yuan.


in addition, also combined with international and domestic well-known fund management institutions jointly set up a total size of 19 billion yuan of investment, industrial investment fund. Including: (Chinese) investment Cerberus jointly set up a total size of 10 billion yuan in Chengdu – Cerberus industrial investment fund, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, industry 4, cross-border logistics and trade industry, and mergers and acquisitions of listed companies and other areas of the project, attract and gather all kinds of innovative entrepreneurial talent to boost economic transformation and upgrading of Chengdu.

chinapnr and Shanghai jointly set up internet financial development fund 1 billion yuan, support in the field of Internet financial innovation talents. HNA Group set up 1 billion HNA Tourism Fund, to strengthen the field of cultural tourism project support, help cultural tourism talent innovation and entrepreneurship.

for further for city people "talent plan" to provide assistance, the Chengdu municipal finance office support personnel plan (project) listing and financing experts selected in the enterprise, and for the different levels of capital market financing, listing, respectively formulate special policies.

For example: