no matter how good the bed, if the mattress is not appropriate, will affect the use of consumers. After all, a good mattress for their own, can not only ensure good sleep quality and can feel very comfortable to sleep in the process, a lot of mattress ten big brands are research and production in many mechanical and other human body science. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the mattress ten brand rankings, so as to help consumers to choose more suitable for the mattress brand.

mattress ten brands ranked NO1- Elmar Poetry (Emers)

Elmar Poetry (Emers) as a science and technology sleep leader and senior international mattress experts to "science and technology? Environmental? Sleep "as the core, in science and technology to achieve international technology and high-tech ecological technologies, in environmental protection, effective human engineering and natural environmental awareness combined with unique and innovative design concept to construct a professional sleep system technology. International advanced production technology makes Elmar poetry in the material and process technology through a number of international certification, including the international authority of the highest mattress – International Sleep Association (ISPA) certification.

mattress ten brand ranking NO2-Simmons (


The United States

Simmons SIMMONS is currently the world’s most famous top brands, Gilber Simmons founded by Axlmon in 1870, today, SIMMONS Simmons has become synonymous with senior spring bed. Dream since 1870 invented the world’s first spring bed, since the change in human sleep habits. Independent tube spring, negative ion mattress, ring steel string independent tube spring, Simmons (Simmons) Chinese market has now become the most popular brands.

mattress ten brands ranked NO3-Sealy (Sealy)

1881 was born in the United States Sealy Sealy 30 consecutive years to maintain the world champion, the world leader in the global mattress industry, super five-star hotel group brand of choice, dominated the global sales champion for forty years. As the United States imported mattress Sealy mattress has become the most concern of the mattress brand, to create a comfortable sleep environment for people, and fundamentally improve the public quality of sleep, by all the praise, Sealy (Sealy Chinese) into the market is a new experience.

The ten brands ranked NO4-

mattress Xilinmen mattress

is one of the ten large Xilinmen mattress mattress brand, is A Well-Known Trademark in China, high-tech enterprises. Xilinmen Group was founded in 1993, has been selected for three consecutive years China private enterprises the most competitive in the top 50, 2014 > ten brand mattress