This barbecue

recommend a US empire for everyone catering brand – Kim Hanson catering management company. To want to join in the form of a buddy can choose this brand of barbecue Kim hanson.

Kim Hanson Catering Management Limited Chinese headquarters is located in the capital Beijing, is mainly of large barbecue buffet restaurant chain to the operating characteristics of brewing beer, Brazil. The company has been in the country set up a number of chain stores, with hundreds of employees, the company along with the rapid development of the strategic target, to 2010 will become has twenty stores in the domestic well-known restaurant chain. The future will move forward toward the magnificent goal. So what is the support of the brand? The following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Kim Hanson barbecue joined in support of what? See the following details:

barbecue Kim Hanson joined in support of the following six points:

1, brand image support

Kim Hanson good healthy brand image, the image of the bear mascot Hansen simple and lovely, the majority of consumers. The headquarters will be spread in the domestic TV, newspapers, magazines and other mass media and participate in all kinds of public welfare activities, sponsorship of sports events in the form of Kim Hanson vigorously promote brand awareness and reputation, to provide Everfount brand support for each partner.

2, product support

is the brand of the Li Jia Kim hanson. More than four kinds of pure German brewing beer, dozens of beer barbecue products and a variety of western style pastry and baking bread for cooperation to provide strong product support, to become an independent school food in the fierce market competition, with the unbeaten position.

3, technical support

each partner can enjoy from the manager, sous chef, chef, director to cut meat division, health service, doormanl standard system training, in cooperation before the store opened, partners can master the skill of the key front office, purchasing, warehouse, kitchen all business sectors, to provide customers with perfect German Kim Hanson beer barbecue products.

4, logistics and distribution support

Kim Hanson de Beer barbecue on the part of institutions and important raw materials, ingredients, products, advertising products centralized procurement, unified production, unified distribution method. Greatly reduce the purchasing costs of raw materials, saving resources and business cooperation capacity, ensure products and all kinds of supplies Kim Hanson highly unified product standards and fine accuracy.

5, regional protection support