with the further opening of two child policy, the next 20 years, the children’s products industry will be able to become a gold industry, the prospect of unlimited. The children’s toy store as one of the most representative of the market fiery. However, do you know the name of the children’s toy shop what are the principles? Xiaobian for everyone to answer the following questions.

ready to open children’s toys store you, now is not in trouble how to give children’s toy store name? That you need not worry, this is for you to introduce the names to the principle of children’s toy store, also introduced several good children’s toy store name for you, you may also refer to reference.

avoid violation of traditional ethical society

The name

"the trillion shirt" has recently become a topic of hot friends, children toys shop shop name hung, the passers-by to look, really play a very good publicity, but will involve violations of rights of others. If you set up shop in the long term, or based on the establishment of the brand, try to avoid, in the future will be trouble, like the previous Siqin Gaowa sweater and the like.

a women’s clothing store called "was a person, I really want to know his clothes are sold. Children’s toy store opened a lot of people in order to hype the shop, at the expense of the image, so just grandstanding, not long.