because the country is now home return policy is very good, many people will choose such a path. However, even embarked on the road to return home business, but you will think of breeding eco chicken such entrepreneurial choice? Tian Bo embarked on such a path of entrepreneurship, and through the sales, and now really sell fire!

, you see, these are our scattered forest ecological chicken, Internet users can monitor the whole process of feeding us see!" Ningxia general manager of the year to Technology Co. Ltd. Tian Bo side in the giant electronic screen presentation, while said.

eco chicken fire last year, this year also fire it? "Fire! 200 single daily." Tian Bo said with a smile. He was born in Ningxia County, Helan ordinary farmers, from childhood to see his mother, a year of hard work can not earn much money. A few years ago he went to Zhejiang to make a living, to see the local farmers to get the local specialty to sell online. "Can I keep my house chickens on the Internet?" He decided to give it a try.

at that time, Helan e-commerce business environment is good. In May 2015, Tian Bo founded the back science and technology limited company, just over a month, the ecological chicken company farmed on fire on the internet. As of the end of June last year, the company achieved a turnover of 2 million 100 thousand yuan, net profit of about 400000 yuan." Tian Bo said.

through the Internet to monitor the whole model, Tian Bo’s eco chicken production process of its safety, green has been recognized by consumers. Tian Bo next sell eco pigeons, Ningxia wolfberry, ethnic costumes. With the support of the local government, they will also develop e-commerce platform abroad. Late last year, the company will be sold in Ningxia, Shahu chili sauce to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places.

Tian waves do not forget folks, and actively return to society. A of trade on chicken, pigeon, the company a year to bring more than and 100 poor households out of poverty. Currently, the company has 9 poor counties in Ningxia to promote this project, is expected to drive more than 10 thousand households in poverty for more than 3 years. Helan County Gang Xi Street office party secretary Wang Enqing said, Tian Bo returned less than 3 years, has made a lot of good things, such as the financing of poor families of high school students, often visit Empty Nester, veterans and sanitation workers.

such a breeding business, how much turnover can be created? I’m afraid a lot of people can not imagine, the result is amazing. In accordance with the current size of the operation, the company’s turnover will reach about 10000000 yuan this year, is expected to reach $30 million next year." Speaking of the company’s development prospects, Tian Bo of confidence. Looking at his receding figure, a reporter for the Internet business by popular guy in awe.