compared to young entrepreneurs, middle-aged entrepreneurs bear the dual pressures of society and the family, in the field of entrepreneurship more difficult. Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social organization sponsored an entrepreneurial employment sharing will help middle-aged entrepreneurs looking for the future direction.

"middle-aged business really hard, there are old and small, can not afford to lose." Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship held by the employment sharing meeting, there are 4050 unemployed workers again (referring to the woman at the age of 40, male unemployed persons over the age of 50) so sigh. They want to be able to enjoy more entrepreneurial support policies, and young entrepreneurs and other college graduates butt collision sparks". Sharing will be opened in 2016, Guangzhou employment assistance month event curtain, the event will visit the focus of assistance to more than 3 thousand people. Hold a meeting will be held at the same time, yesterday held a zero distance recruitment.

2012 Li Shuyun also smooth the loans 50 thousand yuan, is preparing to take a step forward, then in Guangzhou under a heavy rain, the education center all soak into the soup, "look at the crumbling ceiling, there are bubbles in the water facilities and wet material, the brain a blank…… Middle age entrepreneurship, really hard, that moment I really want to take advantage of this opportunity to rest." Li Shuyun said, Yuexiu District people club bureau held a more friendly business club, clubs are like-minded entrepreneurs, they often come to visit and give advice and suggestions, Li Shu Yun redecorated the education center, through.

Tired tired of War: lost


"I can say that entrepreneurship is disabled." The same is the "4050" Chen Zeyu started from 1997, to do the office equipment and maintenance company, toy rental shops, legal consultancy work in insurance companies, may have failed or the end of the contract.