How many popular

restaurant waiting for you to invest, of course there are many can be suitable for your brand, such as what the fish Hot pot etc.. A sub grilled fish as new delicious food and beverage industry, the market is quite popular, not only is the new darling of consumers, more investment upstart! How ‘sub fish to join?


carpenter son fish? A sub grilled fish to join what conditions need to be met? How to join? See the following details:

‘s sub join conditions:


1, who joined the sub fish investors should have independent legal personality, high recognition of the brand, business philosophy and management mode is the headquarters of the.

2, franchisees should have sufficient financial strength, in order to pay the relevant types of franchise fees, as well as the normal operation of the latter to join the store.

3, franchisees should love the food and beverage industry, and the industry is of confidence, and strive to maintain the unity of the brand image.

4, the franchisee shall have suitable management sub fish brand maker places, voluntarily comply with the unified management and regulation system of headquarters; and should have the consciousness and awareness of risk investment.

5, have a good personal business reputation, have a certain relationship in the local, with the headquarters of the work, and actively participate in the unified training provided by headquarters.

‘s son fish joining process:

1, project consulting by telephone, fax, a sub fish online message to a sub fish franchise headquarters preliminary understanding of project information.

2, field trips to the potter franchise headquarters: fish sub project to study, visit stores, confirm the project, submit the application.

3, qualification: carpenter sub fish can join? How to join? A review of the headquarter sub fish investors, investors confirm cooperation qualification.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, to pay the costs: investors according to the selected type of investment to a sub franchise headquarters to pay expenses related to fish.

6, a maker of training: sub fish headquarter investors to carry out technical training, management training, staff training etc..

7, a sub shop decoration: fish can join? How to join? A sub grilled fish franchise headquarters to provide guidance for the renovation of investors, and guide the design.